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Our steam-peeled chestnuts are supplied raw, perfectly peeled and individually frozen (I.Q.F.).

Medium-large calibers are ideal for making Marron Glacé, smaller ones are great for garnishing sweet and savory preparations, while scraps can be used for the production of creams and purees.

So many ways to cook Chestnuts

Mont Blanc

This delicious Italian-French dish is the sweet with chestnuts par excellence. It is a spoon dessert, prepared with chestnut cream and whipped cream. Our chestnuts are steamed, rather than by fire, in order to keep their properties, appearance and taste intact for a perfect result.



  • 600 g of IQF steam-peeled chestnuts from Ancora srl
  • 400 ml of milk
  • 130 g of sugar
  • 1 spoon of vanilla essence
  • 20 g of bitter cocoa
  • 1 small glass of rum
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 300 ml of fresh cream
  • 50 g of icing sugar
  • 5 marron glacé


  • Put the milk in a non-stick pan to heat and then the frozen chestnuts, a pinch of salt, the sugar and the vanilla essence.
  • When the milk is absorbed (after about 40 minutes), pass the chestnut cream in a vegetable pass, put the mixture in a bowl and add the cocoa and rum.
  • Mix well until the mixture is creamy but compact and cool in the refrigerator for an hour.
  • After this time, place the mixture in a sac à poche with a multi-hole spout and form a small mountain in the center of the serving dish. Alternatively you can use a potato masher.
  • Decorate the mountain of chestnut cream to taste, for example with tufts of whipped cream and marron glacé or with small meringues and chocolate decorations.
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Mont Blanc can also be served in single portions, for example on sponge cakes or short pastry.

Marron Glacè

These delicious sweets prepared with very high quality chestnuts and wrapped in an exquisite glaze of sugar, are ideal to prepare in the autumn season and to be tasted during the Christmas holidays. They are found in the best pastry shops but can also be prepared at home with a little patience and care.



  • 100 g of IQF steamed chestnuts from Ancora srl
  • 100 g of sugar (same weight as chestnuts)
  • 200 ml of water (double the weight of chestnuts)

The preparation of the Marron Glacè is long. It lasts at least 4-5 days, depending on the amount of chestnuts you want to prepare, but it is not very difficult, it is only necessary to pay attention not to break the fruits and have the patience to respect the rest times.


  • Prepare a syrup by melting the sugar in a small saucepan with cold water, then place it on a moderate flame until boiling.
  • Add the peeled chestnuts and when the water returns to boil, count a minute and then turn off the heat.
  • Cover the saucepan partially and let it cool to room temperature, then put everything in the fridge for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours take back the saucepan, drain the chestnuts taking care not to break them, put the syrup on the fire, boil it for 3-4 minutes, add the chestnuts and, when the syrup boils again, cook 1 minute and turn off.
  • Let everything cool again and refrigerate for another 24 hours.
  • These steps must be repeated for another 4-5 days until the chestnuts become difficult to drain. When they arrive at this point, instead of trying to drain them, it will be enough to put all the contents on the fire in order to make the syrup liquid again and then it can be drained.
  • Sprinkle the chestnuts with the syrup and let it absorb everything well, then place them on a baking grid to let them cool.

Useful Information:

  • The Marron Glacè can be served alone or used to garnish other desserts such as Mont Blanc.
  • They can be stored for 5-6 days.
  • To keep them longer, place them in previously sterilized glass jars (boiled in water for 30 minutes with the respective screw caps), cover them completely with the cooking syrup and cover them. The jars must then be immersed in cold water, boiled for 20 minutes and allowed to cool completely until the vacuum is made. In this way they can be kept for 6-10 months, but once opened they must be consumed in a short time.

Did you know…

Japan is the country with the greatest admirers and consumers of Marron Glacè and Mont Blanc, desserts considered valuable due to the rarity of the truly quality raw material. For over 50 years we at Àncora srl have been supplying the main Japanese confectionery industries with a high quality semi-finished product that never disappoints.

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