Fresh chestnuts for Big Organized Distribution and for chestnut roasters

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  • from 48/50 pz/Kg to 110/120
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  • Package from 500 g to 10 kg according to customer needs

Our chestnuts are carefully selected and categorized so as to offer our customers a uniform product of the highest quality without contamination. The harvest takes place from the beginning of September until mid-November.

So many ways to cook chestnuts

Roasted Chestnuts

When autumn comes and temperatures start to fall, there is nothing better than roasted chestnuts as “comfort food”. Whether you want to taste them freshly made, still boiling, on the street from the roaster or prepared at home, on the embers of the fireplace or in the oven, roasted chestnuts cannot be missing from our menu.



  • Fresh Chestnuts selected and categorized from Àncora srl


  • In this phase it is important to correctly perform the “intacco” (incision) so that with the heat they open more and the cooking takes place uniformly. It is a cut with a knife made on the rounded part of the chestnut more or less in the center.
  • After having engraved all the chestnuts, place them on a perforated pan (roasting pan), cover them with a damp cloth and put them on the fire turning them often so that they do not burn.
  • Once cooked, serve them hot.


  • For the preparation in the oven you must leave the chestnuts to soak for 30 minutes and, after having engraved them all, just put them on a baking sheet, still wet, and cook them for 20-25 minutes at 220 °.

Did you know…

Roasted chestnuts are without doubt one of the first finger foods in history and in Switzerland they are very popular especially at breakfast. From our local production center we distribute every day fresh chestnuts of the highest quality, already engraved ready to be roasted and served to the customer from September until the end of March.

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