• The Best Chestnuts, in the world

    fresh chestnuts for mass retailers and specialists

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  • IQF Steamed and peeled chestnuts

    high quality product perfect for sweet and savory preparations

  • Only high quality fruit juices and concentrates

    from a partnership with industry leaders in juices, concentrates and purees of the best Italian fruit

Àncora srl is an agri-food company specializing in the processing of fresh chestnuts and frozen peeled chestnuts as well as frozen fruit in general.

Our philosophy is based on the fact that we do not only supply a finished product of excellent quality but a tailor-made service and assistance to every single customer thanks to our many years of experience in all fields related to food.

Our Products

Our Partners

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with some of the best companies in the industry, we are able to provide fruit juices, concentrates and purees of high quality.

Link to: Succhi, concentrati e puree di frutta

Our Mission

Àncora is a successful company above all for the constant respect of its founding values.
Respect, tradition, innovation, quality: in these 4 words is condensed the whole company mission!
We respect the fruits of the earth and people, we select and work only the best raw materials, chosen for their high quality and their taste. We work according to certified and innovative processes to deliver an excellent product to the customer.

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