From harvest to sale

The chestnut harvest

Chestnuts are harvested between September and November. When they reach the right degree of ripeness, they detach from the tree and fall to the ground and it is at that point that they can be harvested.

Arrival, calibration and selection

After harvesting, the chestnuts are transferred to the factory where they are then cured, sterilized and manually selected by our operators. They are then calibrated thanks to our equipment, in order to obtain a homogeneous product suitable for the next operation.

Packaging of fresh chestnuts

Fresh chestnuts are ready to be packaged and placed in special ozone-enriched warehouses for safe, hygienic and long-lasting storage.

Preparation of peeled chestnuts

Our chestnuts are steam peeled then checked and peeled by hand by our operators if the steam has not completed the job. Chestnuts are then individually frozen (I.Q.F.)

Control and final packaging

Chestnuts are checked again and selected first with a laser device, then manually and finally with an X-ray machine to obtain a perfect product ready to be packaged and distributed all over the world.

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